testimonial1“Having grown up in Tahoe it is comforting to know that the LakeTahoe Education Foundation is still supporting Lake Tahoe’s children. Our family has personally benefited from the many programs that the LTEF has sponsored. We are very thankful that the LTEF has been able to fund class size reduction, music, science, health, art and cooking. Thank you for all you do.”
Tamara, Dave, Danica and Tatum Bunnett

“The Lake Tahoe Education Foundation has been and will continue to be even more integral in collaborating with our school district to provide our children with the best quality of education here in South Lake Tahoe. I believe that the foundation is making a significant contribution towards our children and their academic opportunities and success. ”
Wendy David
LTUSD Board of Education

“As parents we spend a great deal of money on our children’s sports team and other activities. Why not do the same for their education? Become a member of this fine organization.”
Pradip Patel
Parent of two Lake Tahoe Unified School District Students

“The Ed Foundation is a great group of locals that raise funds to enrich our schools where the district isn’t able. This year our middle school received a generous grant to help run lunch time and after school enrichment programs.”
Michelle Williams